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BootWarn / BootWarn.exe

File Name: BootWarn.exe
Status: Having this program run at startup is up to your discretion. If you find the program useful, you may want to leave it running at startup.
Additional Info: From here: "Norton AntiVirus Boot Warning. This program is installed as a startup item when you install Norton AntiVirus, and also sometimes when you do a LiveUpdate which updates Norton AntiVirus significantly enough that a reboot is needed to complete the installation. We believe its purpose to be to warn the end-user that he must reboot his PC before using Norton AntiVirus in those cases when a reboot did not happen with the result that Norton AntiVirus did not fully complete its installation or software updating. Recommendation : Start Norton AntiVirus from "Start Programs Norton AntiVirus". If Norton AntiVirus comes up without problems, then fix this entry from the Msconfig Startup tab - it was left behind by mistake and is no longer needed now that Norton AntiVirus is fully installed and opens without error messages"

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