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Startup Programs with 'b'

Startup Name Process Name Status
B'sCLiP BSCLIP.exe Not Necessary
b.exe b.exe Dangerous. Remove.
B.Reader remin.exe Not Necessary
b3d BDEsecureinstall.exe Dangerous. Remove.
b3dUpdate Zupdate.exe Dangerous. Remove.
b9 B9.exe Up to You
b99 msmm.exe Dangerous. Remove.
bab svchst32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
babeie rundll32 cnbabe.dll, dllstartup Dangerous. Remove.
Babylon Client Babylon.exe Not Necessary
Babylon Translator Babylon.exe Not Necessary
Back Updates Uninstall.log.vbs Dangerous. Remove.
Backdoor.NuAgent agent.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Background Intelligent Transfer Service rundll32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
BackgroundSwitcher bgswitch.exe Up to You
Backpack UDF bpudfmon.exe Not Necessary
Backup Service backup.svc Dangerous. Remove.
BackupExecScheduler besch.exe Up to You
BackupNotify backupnotify.exe Unknown
BackWeb backweb.exe Not Necessary
Backwork Backwork.exe May be Necessary
BACPI10 bacpi10a.exe Up to You
BacsTray BacsTray.exe Not Necessary
BADDATE BADDATE.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
BagleAV csrss.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Bakra IEHost.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
bal SYSMONMS.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
Band-Aid [path to file] Dangerous. Remove.
Bandook ali.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Bandwidth Monitor Pro Bandwidth Monitor Pro.exe Up to You
Banpopup by Pratik Banpopup.exe Up to You
bantool ie_ban.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Bar Ding lolt Analiz.exe Dangerous. Remove.
bargains bargains.exe Dangerous. Remove.
bargains bargainbuddy.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Bart Station station.sbrt Unknown
Bart Station PPCOLink.exe Up to You
BarTheme bartent32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
bascstray BascsTray.exe Not Necessary
Bat secure2.bat Dangerous. Remove.
Batchreg1 N/A Not Necessary
BatInfEx rundll32.exe Up to You
BatSrv batserv2.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Battery Scope batmgr.exe Up to You
BatteryBar batterybar.exe Up to You
BatzBack BatzBack.scr Dangerous. Remove.
BAUSB BAUSB.exe Up to You
bawindo bawindo.exe Dangerous. Remove.
BayMgr DockApp.exe Up to You
Bayswap bayswap.exe Up to You
Bayswap2 TbUpdate.exe Up to You
BBC News alerts skinkers.exe Up to You
BBDial BT Broadband.exe Unknown
BBLauncher.exe BBLauncher.exe Not Necessary
bbSysTray bbSysTray.exe Not Necessary
bbui bbui.exe Up to You
bca bca.exe Up to You
BCDetect bcdetect.exe Up to You
BCMDMMSG bcmdmmsg.exe May be Necessary
BCMHal rundll32.exe bcmhal9x.dll, bcinit Up to You
BCMSMMSG BCMSMMSG.exe May be Necessary
bcmwltry bcmwltry.exe Unknown
BCNT bcnt.exe Not Necessary
BCPC bcpc.exe Dangerous. Remove.
bcpc_c bcpc_c.exe Dangerous. Remove.
BCTweak bctweak.exe Up to You
Bcvsrv32 bcvsrv32.exe Not Necessary
BCWipeTM bcwipetm.exe Not Necessary
BD dc.exe Dangerous. Remove.
BDAgent bdagent.exe Up to You
BDMCon Bdmcon.exe May be Necessary
BDNewsAgent bdnagent.exe May be Necessary
BDOESRV bdoesrv.exe May be Necessary
BDSwitchAgent bdswitch.exe May be Necessary
BearFlix BearFlix.exe Up to You
BearShare bearshare.exe Not Necessary
BeatNik Internet Clock BeatNik.exe Up to You
Beegees Update beegees.exe Dangerous. Remove.
BEEI beei.exe Unknown
BeFaster befaster3.exe Up to You
BEHL BEHL.exe Unknown
BEHLO BEHLO.exe Unknown
Belkin PCMCIA WLAN Monitor monitorbk.exe Not Necessary
BellSouthAlertManager.exe BellSouthAlertManager.exe Up to You
BelNotify [path] NPBelv32.dll, RunDll32_BelNotify Up to You
Belsta.exe Belsta.exe Unknown
Belt Belt.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Benadril Alert Tool benadrilalert.exe Dangerous. Remove.
BestPopUpKiller BestPopupKiller.exe Not Necessary
BeSys [path to file] Dangerous. Remove.
bg bullguard.exe May be Necessary
BGInfo Bginfo.exe Up to You
BgMonitor_{79662E04-7C6C-4d9f-84C7-88D8A56B10AA} NMBgMonitor.exe Up to You
BGNewsAgent bgnewsag.exe May be Necessary
bgsmsnd bgsmsnd.exe Not Necessary
BHOCop BHOCop.exe Not Necessary
BHODemon 2.0 BHODemon.exe Up to You
BI1HelperStartUp BI1HEL~1.EXE Up to You
BIE Rundll32.exe BDSrHook.dll, Rundll32 Dangerous. Remove.

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