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Startup Programs with 'b'

Startup Name Process Name Status
BIG biggy.exe Dangerous. Remove.
bigfix BIGFIX.EXE Not Necessary
BigPond Toolbar bpumTray.exe Up to You
BigPondCable bpcable.exe Not Necessary
BillGatesLoh.exe BillGatesLoh.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Billminder Billmind.exe Not Necessary
bin32hpu ppstub.exe Dangerous. Remove.
bingdian Bingdian.vbs Dangerous. Remove.
Bingo Charm charms.exe Unknown
Biomenu menusw.exe Up to You
Bios Bios32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
bios bios.exe Dangerous. Remove.
BIOS XP Loader [random filename] Dangerous. Remove.
BIOS1 BIOS1.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
BitComet BitComet.exe Not Necessary
BitDefender Antivirus BITDEFENDERX.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
BitDefender Communicator xcommsvr.exe May be Necessary
BitDefender for MSN Messenger msnmon.exe Up to You
BitDefender for Yahoo! Messenger yahmon.exe Up to You
BitDefender Live! Init bdinit.exe May be Necessary
BitDefender Scan Server bdss.exe May be Necessary
BitDefender Virus Shield vsserv.exe May be Necessary
bitdefenderlive avxlive.exe May be Necessary
BitDefender_P2P_Startup BitDefender_P2P_Startup.exe Up to You
BitWare Print Monitor bwprnmon.exe Not Necessary
BJ Printer Status Monitor Cjstsr.exe Not Necessary
BJ Status Monitor 5xx CJSTRxx.EXE Not Necessary
bjcfd cdf.exe Not Necessary
BlackICE PC Protection blackice.exe Not Necessary
BlackIce Utility blackice.exe Not Necessary
blads blads.exe Up to You
blah service winupdate.exe Dangerous. Remove.
blah service winsysengine.exe Dangerous. Remove.
blah service internet.exe Dangerous. Remove.
blah service smnp.exe Dangerous. Remove.
blah service msnmsgrr.exe Dangerous. Remove.
blah service tazkmgr.exe Dangerous. Remove.
blah service FaLeH.exe Dangerous. Remove.
blah service microsoft.exe Dangerous. Remove.
blah service evosys.exe Dangerous. Remove.
blah service win32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
blah services iczw.exe Dangerous. Remove.
blahh service msengine.exe Dangerous. Remove.
blahx service msnjompa.exe Dangerous. Remove.
BlazeChanger FBZPaper.exe Not Necessary
bldbubg bldbubg.exe Not Necessary
BLF blf.exe Dangerous. Remove.
blinkx blinkx.exe Up to You
BLMessagingIntegration blengine.exe Dangerous. Remove.
BlockAds blads.exe Up to You
BlockChecker Block-checker.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Blocker System611 Monitoring PopUpBlocker611.exe Dangerous. Remove.
BlockTracker BlockTracker.exe Not Necessary
BLOG rundll32 [path] BatLogEx.DLL, StartBattLog Up to You
blsloader blsloader.exe Up to You
blss blss.exe Dangerous. Remove.
BLSTAPP blstapp.exe Not Necessary
Blubster Blubster.exe Not Necessary
Blue Frog bluefrog.exe Up to You
Blue Service [path to trojan] Dangerous. Remove.
BlueSpace NE BlueSpaceNE.exe Up to You
Bluetooth Config btwindin32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
BlueToothAuthentication Agent RunDLL32.exe irprops.cpl, BluetoothAuthenticationAgent Up to You
Blueyonder Instant Support Tool matcli.exe Up to You
BMail Installation FTP_back.exe Not Necessary
Bman BMan1.exe Dangerous. Remove.
BMMGAG Rundll32 PWRMONIT.DLL, StartPwrMonitor Up to You
BMMMONWND rundll32.exe [path] BatInfEx.dll, BMMAutonomicMonitor Up to You
BMO MasterCard Wallet EWALLET.EXE Up to You
BMupdate BMupdate.exe Not Necessary
BMZ bmz.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Bndt32 Bndt32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Bnexe [random filename] Dangerous. Remove.
BO1HelperStartUp BO1HEL~1.EXE Up to You
Boarddata [path] repcale.exe [path] palsp.exe Dangerous. Remove.
boat32 boat32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
boby csrs.scr Dangerous. Remove.
BOC-423 BOC423.exe May be Necessary
BOC-424 BOC424.exe May be Necessary
BOC-425 BOC425.exe May be Necessary
BOC412 BOC412.exe May be Necessary
BOCleanautostart Boclean.exe May be Necessary
Boingo Wireless Utility Icon###XXX#X#.exe Up to You
boler.exe syser.exe Dangerous. Remove.
bombshel BOMB32.EXE Up to You
Bonzi Buddy ?? Dangerous. Remove.
boo boo.exe Dangerous. Remove.
BookedSpace RunDLL32.EXE [path] bs2.dll, DllRun Dangerous. Remove.
BookmarkCentral BMLauncher.exe Not Necessary
BookMarkSink syncit.exe Not Necessary
BookMarkSync syncit.exe Not Necessary
BookMarkSync2It sync2it.exe Not Necessary
Boost XP Service bxservice.exe Up to You
boot boot.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Boot Check bootchk.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Boot Manager Njgal.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Boot Manager bootmng.exe Dangerous. Remove.
BootCfg Install.log.vbs Dangerous. Remove.

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