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Startup Programs with 'd'

Startup Name Process Name Status
Delay delayrun.exe Up to You
Delayrun delayrun.exe Up to You
delcab deltreew.exe C:cabs Unknown
Delete Me worm.exe Dangerous. Remove.
DeleteHistoryFree dhf.exe Up to You
Dell AIO Printer A*** dlbabmgr.exe Not Necessary
Dell AIO Printer A*** dlbfbmgr.exe Not Necessary
Dell AIO Printer A*** dlbkbmgr.exe Not Necessary
Dell Alert DAMon.exe Not Necessary
Dell Photo AIO Printer 962 dlbxmon.exe Unknown
Dell QuickSet quickset.exe Not Necessary
Dell Wireless Manager UI WLTRAY Up to You
Dell Wireless Manager UI wltray.exe Not Necessary
DellDMI delldmi.exe Unknown
DellSC dellsc.exe Not Necessary
DellSupportCenter sprtcmd.exe /P DellSupportCenter Up to You
DellTouch MMKeybd.exe Up to You
DellTouch DELLMMKB.EXE Up to You
delmsbb delmsbb.exe Dangerous. Remove.
delsaap delsaap.exe Dangerous. Remove.
delstart delstart.exe Unknown
delsubmit rundll32.exe advpack.dll, DelNodeRunDLL32 submit.exe Dangerous. Remove.
DelTmp DelTemp.exe Unknown
DeltTray deltray.exe Not Necessary
demon demon.exe Unknown
Deneca Virus salvado Dangerous. Remove.
DepFrez frzstate.exe Up to You
Description of Shortcuts *.exe Unknown
Desire desires.exe Dangerous. Remove.
desk-top-service desk-top-service.exe Unknown
DeskAd Service DeskAdServ.exe Dangerous. Remove.
DeskColor DESKCOLOR.EXE Not Necessary
Deskflag Deskflag.exe Not Necessary
DeskMateAutoUpdate DeskMateAutoUpdate.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Desksite CMA cma.exe Up to You
Desktop rundll32.exe msconfd.dll, Restore ControlPanel Dangerous. Remove.
desktop desktop.exe Dangerous. Remove.
desktop desktop.ini.vbs Dangerous. Remove.
Desktop Dangerous. Remove.
Desktop Architect DATRAY.EXE Not Necessary
Desktop Plant AZARE10S.PLT Not Necessary
Desktop Search desktop.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Desktop Service Centre DSC.exe Not Necessary
Desktop Weather THE WEATHER CHANNEL.exe Not Necessary
Desktop Weather 3 THE WEATHER CHANNEL.exe Not Necessary
Desktop Weather 3 THEWEA~1.EXE Not Necessary
desktopmgr desktopmgr.exe Not Necessary
DesktopUpdate rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll, DllMostrar Dangerous. Remove.
DesktopX DESKTOPX.EXE Up to You
deskup deskup.exe Not Necessary
destroyb11 destroyb11.exe Dangerous. Remove.
detect idetect.exe Up to You
detect turbodetect.exe Unknown
Detector detector.exe Not Necessary
DevconDefaultDB READREG Unknown
Development Environment devenv.exe Dangerous. Remove.
DEventAgent eventagt.exe Up to You
Device Configuration Loader msdvc32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Device Detector DevDetect.exe Up to You
Device Detector 2 DevDtct2.exe Not Necessary
DeviceDiscovery hpotdd01.exe Up to You
DevicePath Proyecto1.exe Dangerous. Remove.
DevicePath Root.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Devices olesvr.exe Up to You
Devicewin [path to trojan] Dangerous. Remove.
devldr16 devldr16.exe Up to You
devldr16.exe devldr16.exe Up to You
Devlog ?? Unknown
Devlog devlog.exe Unknown
dfgfdgrergd [path to trojan] Dangerous. Remove.
DGJM DGJM.exe Unknown
dgtstart dgtstart.exe Dangerous. Remove.
dguard dguard.exe Not Necessary
DHCP smss.exe Dangerous. Remove.
DHCP Server regsvr.exe Dangerous. Remove.
DHCP32 services.exe Dangerous. Remove.
dhcpagnt dhcpagnt.exe May be Necessary
diagent diagent.exe Not Necessary
Dial22 dlm.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Dial33 dlm.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Dialer rundll32.exe msa32chk.dll Dangerous. Remove.
Dialer Control dc.exe Up to You
Dialer Detect dd.exe Up to You
Dialgo SDK PhoneAnswer.exe Up to You
DialNet mxt32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Dialog Box Assistant OSDEx.exe Not Necessary
Dialog Helper PDDLGHLP.EXE Not Necessary
DialUp Network Application Rnaap.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Diam prlaer oqedrhg.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Diamondview Diamondview.exe Unknown
DIECOX csrss.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Diesel Recalculate.exe Dangerous. Remove.
DietK DietK.exe Up to You
DigiCell DigiCell.exe Up to You
DigiD DigitalSound.exe Dangerous. Remove.
DigiGuide CLIENT.EXE Not Necessary
DigiGuide client01.exe Not Necessary
DigiSrv DigiSrv.exe Up to You

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