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Startup Programs with 'f'

Startup Name Process Name Status
FirewallSvr FirewallSvr.exe Dangerous. Remove.
firewall_anti firewall_anti.exe Dangerous. Remove.
FireWire Driver samx.exe Dangerous. Remove.
FireWire Service nvscv32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
FireWire Services nvcsv32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
First Home Page Dangerous. Remove.
FIX WinFIX1.0.vbs Dangerous. Remove.
Fix-it mxtask.exe May be Necessary
Fix-it AV memcheck.exe May be Necessary
FjMenu FjMenu.exe Up to You
FJTWAIN Setup FjtwSetup.exe Up to You
FJUPDNV_Chitose fjdvrupd.exe Not Necessary
fkSysMon fksysmon.exe Not Necessary
FlaCPY flacpy.exe Dangerous. Remove.
FLASH32 #NAME? Unknown
Flash32 FLASH32.COM Dangerous. Remove.
FlashEnc FlashEnc.exe Up to You
Flashget FlashGet.exe Not Necessary
Flashget Download Manager Flashget.exe Dangerous. Remove.
FlashPath Monitor SDSTAT.EXE Not Necessary
FlashPath Monitor FLSHSTAT.EXE Not Necessary
FlashPath Status SDSTAT.EXE Not Necessary
FlashPath Status FLSHSTAT.EXE Not Necessary
Flash_Player_Install ying.exe Dangerous. Remove.
FlenCPY flencpy.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Flexicd Flexicd.exe Up to You
FlingRun fling.exe Up to You
FLMMEDIONMOUSE mouse32a.exe Up to You
FLMOFFICE4DMOUSE moffice.exe Up to You
FLMOFFICE4DMOUSE moffice.exe, mouse32a.exe Up to You
FLMTRUSTKB KbdAp32A.exe Unknown
FLMTRUSTMOUSE mouse32a.exe Up to You
FlnCPY flncpy.exe Dangerous. Remove.
FLooDNeT FLooDeR.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Floppy Master [path to trojan] Dangerous. Remove.
Flow Go TV flogotv.exe Unknown
flps flps.vbs Dangerous. Remove.
flpycntl flpycntl.exe Dangerous. Remove.
FltProcess msinet.exe May be Necessary
FlyswatDesktop flydesk.exe Dangerous. Remove.
FmctrlTray Fmctrl.EXE Up to You
fmnwebassist fmnwebassist.exe Dangerous. Remove.
FMStart Fmstart.exe Up to You
FMSZ fmsz.exe Dangerous. Remove.
fnmwebassist fnmwebassist.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Focus Focus.exe Unknown
Folder Service wssdtu.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Folder View folderview.exe Up to You
FolderClone v*.*.* folderclone.exe Up to You
Folding@home WINFAH.EXE Not Necessary
FoneSyncSystemTray FoneSyncSystemTray.exe Not Necessary
FontFix fontfix.exe Dangerous. Remove.
fontnav FontNav.exe Not Necessary
FontsLoader ldfnt32.hta Dangerous. Remove.
foobin lptt01 adaware.exe Dangerous. Remove.
foobin ml097e adaware.exe Dangerous. Remove.
FoolProof fpwinldr.exe May be Necessary
FoolProofSweep ?? May be Necessary
Forbes ForbesAlerts.exe Not Necessary
ForceShow rundll32.exe QaBar.dll, ForceShowBar Dangerous. Remove.
Forget Me Not AGRemind.exe Not Necessary
Fortis Secure Layer Config cseinst.exe Up to You
FotoStation Easy AutoLaunch FotoStation Easy AutoLaunch.exe Not Necessary
Foul PX FoulPX.exe Up to You
FourthDay FourthDay.exe Up to You
foxdh foxdhend.exe Dangerous. Remove.
foxdh foxdh.exe Dangerous. Remove.
foxrxjh foxrxjh.exe Dangerous. Remove.
foxwudy9912 service.exe Dangerous. Remove.
FP Loader loadfp.exe May be Necessary
Fpx mnmsrvc.exe Not Necessary
fqor stub_113_4_0_4_0.exe Dangerous. Remove.
France svchost.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Fraps fraps.exe Up to You
Free Download Manager fdm.exe Not Necessary
Free Downloads Monitor fdcmon.exe Unknown
Free Ram Optimizer fro.exe Up to You
Freedom Freedom.exe May be Necessary
FreeMem Pro FMEMPRO.EXE Up to You
FreeMemVn2 FreeMem.exe Up to You
FreeMP3download rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll, DllMostrar Dangerous. Remove.
FreeRAM XP FreeRAM XP Pro *.exe Up to You
freestyle lockx.exe Dangerous. Remove.
freesurfer fs20.exe Up to You
freexstyle lockbar.exe Dangerous. Remove.
freexstyle lockbr.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Fresh Desktop freshdesktop.exe Up to You
freshclam freshclam.exe Not Necessary
frguk shdrkmck.exe Unknown
FridaysInHellInstaller FridaysInHellInstaller.exe Unknown
FriendlyType lsass.exe Dangerous. Remove.
FriendlyTypeName services.exe Dangerous. Remove.
FriendlyTypeName winlogon.exe Dangerous. Remove.
FriendlyWebQuick-Launch SELFCERT.EXE Not Necessary
FRISK FP-Scheduler F-Sched.exe Up to You
FRITZ!DSL Startcenter StCenter.exe Unknown

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