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Startup Programs with 'h'

Startup Name Process Name Status
HMI PowerSystem hmisvc32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
HML PowerSource hmlsvc32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Hmonitor Hmonitor.exe Up to You
HMV PowerSource hmusvc32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
ho2stdll.exe ho2stdll.exe Dangerous. Remove.
HOI Services holsvc32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Holiday Lights Holiday Lights.exe Not Necessary
Hollaback slvhosts.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Home Theater SchSvr SchSvr.exe Not Necessary
HomeAlarm HomeAlarm.exe Up to You
HomeCentre WakeUp LGWAKEUP.EXE Unknown
Homeland Network HomelandNetwork.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Honor honor.exe Unknown
Hook99startup hk2re.exe Up to You
HookSys HookSys.exe Up to You
HorngTech4D bally4d.exe May be Necessary
Host N/A Dangerous. Remove.
host help.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Host Process mame.exe Dangerous. Remove.
hostdll.exe hostdll.exe Dangerous. Remove.
HostManager AOLHostManager.exe Up to You
HostManager AOLSoftware.exe Not Necessary
Hostren.exe Hostren.exe Dangerous. Remove.
hostserv hostserv.exe Dangerous. Remove.
hostserv wiz98.exe Dangerous. Remove.
HostsFileMgr winHostsEdit.exe Up to You
HostSrv sachostx.exe Dangerous. Remove.
HostSrv sachostx.exe Dangerous. Remove.
HostSrv sachostx.exe... Dangerous. Remove.
HostSVC syse HostSVC.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Hot Corners Hotc.exe Up to You
Hot Key Kbd 2690 Daemon SK9910DM.exe Up to You
Hot Key Keybd 9910 Daemon SK9910DM.exe Up to You
Hot Party 22 hotpart22.exe Unknown
HotAction_hr hotaction_hr.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Hotbar HbOEAddOn.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Hotbar Hbinst.exe Dangerous. Remove.
hotdlll remote.cmd Dangerous. Remove.
Hotfix Updat svdhost32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
HotIDE hotide.exe Up to You
HotkeyApp HotkeyApp.exe Up to You
HotKeysCmds hkcmd.exe Not Necessary
HotPix hotpix.exe Dangerous. Remove.
hotplug hotplug.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Hotplug hot_plug.exe Up to You
HotSync Manager hotsync.exe Not Necessary
hotwetlove hotwetlove.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Hot_Kiss Hot_Kiss.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Hot_Tarts Hot_Tarts.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Hot_Tarts_** Hot_Tarts_**.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Hot_Tarts_Au Hot_Tarts_Au.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Hot_Tarts_mc Hot_Tarts_mc.exe Dangerous. Remove.
HoverDesk HoverDesk.exe Up to You
hp 1000 firmware fwdl.exe Unknown
HP AutoIndexer hppautoindexer.exe Up to You
HP CD Writer hpcdtray.exe Not Necessary
HP CD-DVD hpcdtray.exe Not Necessary
HP CD-Writer hpcdtray.exe Not Necessary
hp center BACKWEB-*****.exe Dangerous. Remove.
hp center UI ShadowBar.exe Not Necessary
HP Component Manager hpcmpmgr.exe Not Necessary
HP Deskjet HP_DeskJet_500.exe Dangerous. Remove.
HP Digital Imaging Monitor hpqtra08.exe Up to You
HP Display Settings hpdisply.exe Up to You
HP IDScheduler HPIDSCHD.exe Unknown
HP Image Zone Fast Start hpqthb08.exe Not Necessary
HP Info Express ?? Not Necessary
HP Instant Support matcli.exe Up to You
HP Internet Center SURFBRD.EXE Not Necessary
HP JetDiscovery HPJETDSC.EXE Not Necessary
HP JetSpeed Autostart AUTOSTART.EXE Not Necessary
HP Laser Jet Director hppdirector.exe Up to You
HP Network Registry Agent hpnra.exe Unknown
HP OfficeJet Series xxx Startup HPOSTR03.EXE Unknown
HP OfficeJet Series xxx Startup HPOstr05.exe Unknown
HP Parallel Port Test hppt.exe Not Necessary
HP Photo Manager HPPhotoManager.exe Dangerous. Remove.
HP Port Resolver hpbpro.exe Unknown
HP Precision Scan hpmdlbwx.exe Not Necessary
HP Presentation Ready PresRdy.exe Not Necessary
hp psc 2000 Series hpobnz08.exe Up to You
HP RecordNow ?? Up to You
HP ScanPatch HPScanFix.exe Up to You
HP ScanPicture hpsplmwa.exe Not Necessary
HP SchedIndexer hppschedindexer.exe Up to You
HP Service Drivers hdsys.exe Dangerous. Remove.
hp Silent Service HpSrvUI.exe Unknown
HP Simple Trax Hpcron.exe Not Necessary
HP software update HPWuSchd2.exe Not Necessary
HP software update HPWuSchd.exe Not Necessary
HP Status hpstatus.exe Not Necessary
HP Status Server hpboid.exe Unknown
HP TV Now HpTvNow.exe Up to You
HP Update Assistant HPAware.exe Dangerous. Remove.
HP Updates ?? Not Necessary
HP Visualize Init HpVisIni.exe Unknown
HP-Aio Flight Remind32.exe Not Necessary
hpaiodevice hpodev07.exe Not Necessary
HPAiODevice(hp officejet g series) hpoavn07.exe Unknown
HPAiODevice(hp psc 900 series) -1 hpobrt07.exe Not Necessary

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