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Startup Programs with 'k'

Startup Name Process Name Status
keyboard keyboard*.exe [* = number] Dangerous. Remove.
keyboard [path to trojan] Dangerous. Remove.
Keyboard Manager MMKeybd.exe Up to You
Keyboard Preload Check Preload.exe May be Necessary
keyboard_enum keyboard_enum.exe Dangerous. Remove.
KeyMaestro kmaestro.exe Up to You
keymap keymap.exe Up to You
keymgrldr rundll32 setupapi, InstallHinfSection... keymgr3.inf Dangerous. Remove.
KeyPatrol KeyPatrol.exe Up to You
keyserv keyserv.exe Dangerous. Remove.
keystroke keystroke.exe Up to You
KeyWallet KWallet.exe Up to You
kfienq masbl.bat Dangerous. Remove.
khooker khooker.exe Not Necessary
Kill Popup KillPopup.exe Up to You
kimochiz.exe kimochiz.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Kinberlink Kinberlink.exe Not Necessary
KK Loader loadkk.exe Up to You
KKM Service kkm.exe Dangerous. Remove.
KL AntiFunLove flcss.exe Dangerous. Remove.
KLog Keyspy.exe Up to You
klop [path to file] Dangerous. Remove.
klop [random].tmp Dangerous. Remove.
klp run32dll.exe Up to You
klp explorer.exe Up to You
KM9801U MMHotKey.exe Up to You
kmw_run.exe kmw_run.exe Up to You
kmw_show.exe kmw_show.exe Up to You
KnowledgeBase GUI wppewafaj.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Kodak Batch Transfer pezdow1.exe Not Necessary
Kodak EasyShare software EasyShare.exe Up to You
Kodak Picture Easy *.* Batch Transfer PezDownload.exe Not Necessary
Kodak Picture Transfer Software pts.exe Not Necessary
Kodak Software Updater backweb*****.exe Not Necessary
KODAK Software Updater Kodak Software Updater.exe Not Necessary
KodakCCS KodakCCS.exe May be Necessary
Komunikator tlen.exe Up to You
Konni Symbol Autostart KonniSymbol.exe Not Necessary
kontiki kontiki.exe Not Necessary
KPDrv4XP KPDrv4XP.exe May be Necessary
krag krag.exe Dangerous. Remove.
KREC32 krec32.exe Up to You
KRNL Kernl32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Krnlcheck csrss.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Krnlmod Krnlmod.exe Up to You
ksrlnhm zxatgso.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Ksrv32 Ksrv32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
KTAX Auto Loader ktax.exe Dangerous. Remove.
ktchnsnk ktchnsnk.exe Up to You
KTPWare ktp.exe May be Necessary
KV2005 word.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
kv3000 lover.vbe Dangerous. Remove.
kvern16.dll regsvr32.exe [path] kvern16.dll Dangerous. Remove.
Kvsc3 Kvsc3.exe Dangerous. Remove.
KV_HOST cxjx.exe Dangerous. Remove.
kw3eef76 rundll32.exe [path] kw3eef76.dll, EnableRunDLL32 Dangerous. Remove.
kX Mixer kxmixer.exe Not Necessary
KX509 kx509_kfwk5.exe Up to You
KYK Control Settings KYSVCXD.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
KYM Control Settings phqghum.exe Dangerous. Remove.

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