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Startup Programs with 'm'

Startup Name Process Name Status
M Player Post Installer postinstallm.exe Unknown
M S DVD DirectX Dll Drivers msxdl.exe Dangerous. Remove.
M-Audio Delta Taskbar Icon DeltTray.exe Not Necessary
M-soft Office M-soft Office.hta Dangerous. Remove.
M1cr0s0ft S3rcurity systemconfig.exe Dangerous. Remove.
M1cr0s0ft Upd4t4zS update32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
m32info m32info.exe Dangerous. Remove.
M3Tray m3tray.exe Not Necessary
MAAgent MAAgent.exe Up to You
Macfee Security Patch Mpfsheild.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Machine Debug Manager mdm.exe Up to You
Machine Debug Manager msdn.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Machine Update Soft wusas.exe Dangerous. Remove.
MacLic MacLic.exe Not Necessary
MacLicense MacLic.exe Not Necessary
MacName MacName.exe Not Necessary
Macromedia 8 Flash Player.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Macromedia Critical Updater rarww.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Macromedia Dreamweaver XM macdwXM.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Macromedia Drive Iexplor32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
MAD.EXE MAD.EXE May be Necessary
MadExe LaunchRA.exe Not Necessary
MAFWTaskbarApp MAFWTray.exe Up to You
MagicDsk MAGICDSK.EXE Up to You
MagicKeyboard PreMKBD.exe Up to You
Magitime Magitime.exe Not Necessary mcalert.exe Unknown
MailBell mailbell.exe Up to You
Mailbox Verifier mboxvrfy.exe Up to You
MailCleaner MAILCLEANER.EXE Up to You
mailman.exe mailman.exe Dangerous. Remove.
MailScan Dispatcher Launch.exe May be Necessary
Mail_Check Mail_Check.exe Dangerous. Remove.
MAIN main.exe Up to You
Main Executable (HP) HP05T0R5.exe Unknown
main16 main16.exe Dangerous. Remove.
main32 main32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
MainStart svcmfte32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
mainviewex mainviewex.exe Dangerous. Remove.
main_module drvmmx32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Major Microsoft Windows Driver Boot loader bpool.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Malware Sweeper MalSwep.exe Up to You
Malware-Wiped Malware-Wiped.exe Not Necessary
MalwareAlarm MalwareAlarm.exe Not Necessary
MalwareStopper MalwareStopper.exe Not Necessary
ManageProtocolCtrl csmsv.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Manager Monitor monitor.exe Up to You
Mania Win Restore RESWIN.EXE Not Necessary
manrotce manrotce.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Mantis [filename] Dangerous. Remove.
MapiDrv mpisvc.exe Dangerous. Remove.
mapisvc32 mapisvc32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
mark the service xxtra32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Martini pinmart.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Mascro soft SDK updates2 SDKrepair2.exe Dangerous. Remove.
maskrider maskrider2001.vbs Dangerous. Remove.
masqform.exe masqform.exe Not Necessary
masqform.exe masqform.exe Up to You
Mass storage check registry rundll32.exe MSDServ.dll, check registry Not Necessary
Master Volume Spy MASTERVOLUMESPY.EXE Up to You
Matador mlfbuddy.exe Up to You
Matador mantispm.exe Up to You
MatrixScreen [filename] Dangerous. Remove.
MatrixScreenSaver mss.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Matrox Color Control hgcctl95.exe Not Necessary
Matrox Control Center mgactrl.exe Not Necessary
Matrox Diagnostic mgadiag.exe Not Necessary
Matrox Powerdesk PDesk.exe Not Necessary
Matrox PowerDesk 8 Matrox.PowerDesk.exe /silent Not Necessary
Matrox QuickDesk mgaqdesk.exe Not Necessary
MAV_check mav_startupmon.exe Not Necessary
MaxAlerts max.exe Dangerous. Remove.
MaxBlastMonitor MaxBlastMonitor.exe Up to You
MaxtorCombo ComboButton.exe May be Necessary
MaxtorReg AUTOREG.EXE Up to You
MayaPan MayaPan.Exe May be Necessary
MBkLogOnHook LogOnHook.exe Up to You
MBM 4 MBM4.exe Up to You
MBM 5 MBM5.exe Up to You
MBMon Rundll32 CTMBHA.DLL, MBMon Unknown
MBNet mbnet.exe Up to You
MBProbe mbrpobe.exe Up to You
mbssm32 mbssm32.exe Up to You
MC wintrims.exe Dangerous. Remove.
MC MAGICON.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
MC N/A Dangerous. Remove.
MC WINTRIM.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
McAfee McAffeAv.exe Dangerous. Remove.
mcafee Win32.dll.vbs Dangerous. Remove.
Mcafee Anti Scan NortonScn.exe Dangerous. Remove.
McAfee Antivirus McAfeeAV.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Mcafee Antivirus Monitoring System326 VSStatmn326.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Mcafee Antivirus Monitoring System32mn VSStatmn32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
McAfee Antivirus Protection mcafeeAV.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Mcafee Auto Protect mcafeshield.exe Dangerous. Remove.
McAfee Backup McAfeeDataBackup.exe Up to You
McAfee Firewall CPD.EXE May be Necessary
McAfee Guardian CMGRDIAN.EXE Not Necessary
McAfee Online virus Scanner avp.exe Dangerous. Remove.
McAfee QuickClean Imonitor Plguni.exe Not Necessary

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