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Startup Programs with 'p'

Startup Name Process Name Status
P0w3rF1Y svchost.exe Dangerous. Remove.
P17Helper Rundll32 P17.dll, P17Helper Up to You
P17Helper Rundll32 SPIRun.dll, RunDLLEntry Unknown
P2P NETWORKING P2P Networking.exe Not Necessary
P2P Networking P2P Not Necessary
p2p networking p2pnetworking.exe Dangerous. Remove.
P2P Networking2 P2P Networking2.exe Dangerous. Remove.
P2P Networking3 P2P Networking3.exe Not Necessary
p2pnetwork p2pnetwork.exe Dangerous. Remove.
p2pnetworking p2pnetworking.exe Dangerous. Remove.
p2snetis comippwa.exe Dangerous. Remove.
P3000x_S2P ScanToPc.exe Up to You
P3p4chk P3p4chk.exe Dangerous. Remove.
p4mx4 p4mx4.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PaciSoft pacis.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Packard Bell EverSafe Tray Control TrayControl.exe Unknown
PadTouch PadExe.exe Not Necessary
Pag Windows Monitor pag.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Pagekeeper Jobs pkjobs.exe Up to You
Pagekeeper Lite pkjobs.exe Up to You
PAgent PAgent.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Pagis Scheduler Monitor.exe Not Necessary
pagmstart client.exe Unknown
Pagoo PAGOO.EXE Not Necessary
paint.exe shnlog.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PaintingRoom evidence monitor paintingroom.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PaintingRoom smile monitor paintingroom.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PAL Evidence Eliminator Cleaner.exe Not Necessary
Palm MultiUser Config Configtool.exe Unknown
Palm.exe Palm.exe Not Necessary
palmOne Registration register.exe Not Necessary
PalNetaware pnetaware.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PaltalkNetaware.exe PALNETAW~1.EXE Not Necessary
pamela.exe pamela.exe Up to You
Panasonic Communications Utility Mfpscdl.exe Up to You
Panda Antispam Server Service PasSrv.exe Not Necessary
Panda Cleaner pavdr.exe May be Necessary
Panda Preventium+ Service PREVSRV.EXE May be Necessary
Panda Scheduler pavsched.exe Up to You
Panda Software Intrenet panda.pif Dangerous. Remove.
PandaAVEngine PandaAVEngine.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PandaScheduler pavsched.exe Up to You
Pantera pantera.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Paperport runppdrv.exe Not Necessary
PaperPort PTD pptd40nt.exe Not Necessary
PaperQuote System Tray Icon PQTRAY.EXE Not Necessary
Parallel Tasking ptask.exe Dangerous. Remove.
ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware Pareto_AS.exe Up to You
PartSeal PartSeal.exe Up to You
passcxd [random filename] Dangerous. Remove.
PassLocker PassLocker.exe May be Necessary
Password Door Loader PDMonitor.exe Up to You
PasteLister plister.exe Not Necessary
PaSystem pasystem.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PASystemTray PASystemTray.exe May be Necessary
pas_check pasmon.exe Not Necessary
Patch patch.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Patches Value WinGamed.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Path lide.exe Unknown
pathname pathname.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PathNvidiaTV patchnvidiaTVout.exe Unknown
PAV.EXE %Number% Dangerous. Remove.
PAV.EXE PAV.EXE May be Necessary
PAVFIRES PavFires.exe May be Necessary
PAVFNSVR PavFnSvr.exe May be Necessary
Pavkre9x pavkre9x.exe May be Necessary
PavProc PavPrS9x.exe May be Necessary
PavProt PavProt.exe May be Necessary
Pavprot9 Pavprot9.exe May be Necessary
PayTime paytime.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PbAdminACAD PbMngr5.exe Up to You
pbagent pbagent.exe Up to You
PBKScheduler PBKScheduler.exe Up to You
PC Alert III alert.exe Up to You
PC Booster pcbooster.exe Up to You
PC Doc Pro - 3.1 pcdocpro.exe Up to You
PC Dynamics SdwMon32 sdwmon32.exe Up to You
PC Pitstop Optimize Scheduler PCPOptimize.exe Up to You
PC Spy Keylogger ToolKeylogger.exe Up to You
PC-Config32 corona.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PC2X initial.bat Dangerous. Remove.
pcAnywhere Agent pcamgt.exe Up to You
PcBoost PcBoost.exe Up to You
PCCClient.exe PCCClient.exe May be Necessary
pccguide.exe pccguide.exe May be Necessary
PCClient.exe PCClient.exe May be Necessary
PccPfw PccPfw.exe May be Necessary
PcCtlCom Pcctlcom.exe May be Necessary
PCDRealtime realtime.exe Not Necessary
PcEXPLODE specialfile.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PCHbutton PCHbutton.exe Not Necessary
PCHealth pchschd.exe Not Necessary
PCHEasySearch STUpdate.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PCIMODEM pcimodem.exe Unknown
PCLEPCI ppe.exe Up to You
PClK PClK.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PCMCIA Resource Monitor nvp2pmon.exe Unknown

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