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Startup Programs with 'p'

Startup Name Process Name Status
PsnLite PsnLite.exe Not Necessary
PSNotify psnotify.exe May be Necessary
PSof1 PSof1.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PSoft1 psoft1.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PsPCCard PsPCCard.EXE May be Necessary
PspContr pspcontr.exe Up to You
PspUsbCf PspUsbCf.exe Unknown
PsSound PsSound.exe Up to You
psybnc server 3.1 psybnc321.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PTBSync PTBSync.exe Up to You
ptfb ptfb.exe Not Necessary
Ptipbmf rundll32.exe ptipbmf.dll, SetWriteCacheMode Unknown
PtiuPbmd Rundll32.exe ptipbm.dll, SetWriteBack Up to You
PTRGMYGK rundll32.exe ptmg1v.dll, DllRunMain Dangerous. Remove.
ptrun32 ptrun32.exe Up to You
PTRUN32 ptr32w.exe Up to You
Ptsnoop Ptsnoop.exe Not Necessary
pttrun pttrun.exe Up to You
PtUDFApp PtUDFApp.exe Not Necessary
PUAC v2.0.7 Puac.exe Up to You
Public Microsoft ODBC ODBC32*.exe [* = random char] Dangerous. Remove.
pumcfgp proxycfg.exe Up to You
Pure Networks Port Magic PortAOL.exe Not Necessary
PureText.exe PureText.exe Up to You
Purgative PURGATIVE100.EXE Up to You
Purgatory Purga.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Push Client pull.exe Not Necessary
Push The Freakin' Button ptfb.exe Not Necessary
PUSH6599 PUSH6599.EXE Not Necessary
PutA!! PutA!!.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PutAS! PutA!!.com Dangerous. Remove.
putil [filename] Dangerous. Remove.
PV92TRAY PV92Tray.exe Up to You
PVR PVR.exe Not Necessary
PVUnInst1 PVUnInst1.exe Up to You
Pwr32ctr Pwr32ctr.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Pwr32ctrl Pwr32ctrl.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Pwr32mgt Pwr32mgt.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PWRESET pwreset.exe Up to You
Pwrmonit Rundll32 PwrMonit.dll May be Necessary
Pwroff Pwroff.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Pwrsave Pwrsave.exe Up to You
Pwruplogin pulogin.exe Unknown
PwrupTweakMe PUPXPTWK.EXE Up to You
PWS Tray PwsTray.exe Up to You
p_981116 p_981116.exe Not Necessary

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