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Startup Programs with 'q'

Startup Name Process Name Status
Q152404 wsript.exe Q152404.VBS Not Necessary
q36i36O lms2cenu.exe Dangerous. Remove.
QAGENT qagent.exe Not Necessary
qappsrvc32.exe qappsrvc32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
QBCD autorun autorun.exe Not Necessary
qbkupdbs mqbkup.exe Dangerous. Remove.
qbotd [random filename] Dangerous. Remove.
QBReminderFlash QBReminder.exe Not Necessary
qBrowse qbrowse.exe Unknown
QBRSR QuickBrowser.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Qchex Tray Icon Qchex.exe Up to You
QCTRAY Qctray.exe Up to You
QCWLICON Qcwlicon.exe Up to You
QD FastAndSafe QDCSFS.exe Not Necessary
QDM QdmStart.exe Up to You
QDMStart QdmStart.exe Up to You
Qdsafe ?? Unknown
Qexplo Qexplo.exe Unknown
qgqqft [path to Trojan] Dangerous. Remove.
QH Live Update Scheduler UPSCHD.EXE May be Necessary
QH Office 2K Check O2KCHECK.EXE May be Necessary
qkoszvd.dll rundll32.exe qkoszvd.dll, jwezubg Dangerous. Remove.
QlbCtrl QlbCtrl.exe Up to You
QMusic QMAgent.exe Unknown
QNPlus QNPlus.exe Not Necessary
Qoeloader Qoeloader.exe Up to You
QPService QPService.exe Up to You
QQ sendmess.exe Dangerous. Remove.
QQ.exe QQ.exe Dangerous. Remove.
QQServer QQ.exe Dangerous. Remove.
qservices qservice.exe Dangerous. Remove.
QSort2000 QSORT.EXE Not Necessary
QT4HPOT OneTouch.exe Up to You
QTaskStartup qtask.exe Up to You
QTime nrchk.exe Dangerous. Remove.
QTSTUB.EXE Qtstub.exe Not Necessary
QTSvc msocfg.exe Dangerous. Remove.
QTSvc navchk.exe Dangerous. Remove.
QTSvc shman.exe Dangerous. Remove.
QTSvc ssvr.exe Dangerous. Remove.
qttask Qttask.exe Not Necessary
Quantifier Security qsecue.exe Dangerous. Remove.
QUBCity qtp.exe Unknown
Queensla Queensla.exe Unknown
Quick Controls Astrotoolbar.exe Up to You
Quick Heal Firewall Pro qhfw.exe Up to You
Quick Heal Messenger QHM32.EXE Up to You
Quick Heal On-Line Protection Cateye.exe May be Necessary
Quick Heal Startup Scan QHSTRT32.EXE May be Necessary
Quick Shelf xx qushelfxx.exe Not Necessary
Quick Startup Fquick32.exe May be Necessary
Quick Time Task qttask.exe Not Necessary
Quick View Plus QVP32.EXE Not Necessary
QuickBooks Delivery Agent QBDAGENT.EXE Not Necessary
Quickbooks Update Agent qbupdate.exe Not Necessary
QuickCamPro QuickCamPro.exe Up to You
QUICKCARE sprtcmd.exe /P QUICKCARE Up to You
quicken quicken.exe Dangerous. Remove.
quicken Winrar.exe Dangerous. Remove.
quicken Waol.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Quicken Scheduled Updates bagent.exe Not Necessary
Quicken Startup QWDLLS.EXE Not Necessary
QuickenSEMessage Qsemsg.exe Not Necessary
QuickFinder Scheduler QFSCHD100.exe Not Necessary
QuickFinder Scheduler QFSched.exe Not Necessary
QuickLaunchEr QuickLaunchEr.Exe May be Necessary
Quicklink III QL.EXE Not Necessary
Quicknote quicknote.exe Not Necessary
QuickPassword agquickp.exe Up to You
QuickRes QUICKRES.EXE Not Necessary
quickset quickset.exe Not Necessary
QuickSet mmspng.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Quicktime qttasks.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Quicktime shch.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Quicktime Mediaplayer winmplyer32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Quicktime Pro 3.0 winuodps.exe Dangerous. Remove.
QuickTime Task qttasks.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Quicktime Task [random filename] Dangerous. Remove.
QuickTime Task Qttask.exe Not Necessary
QuickTime Update Completion x quicktimeupdatehelper.exe Not Necessary
QuicktimeMngr QUICKTIMEMNGR.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
QuickTimeUpdate QuickUpdate.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Quicktlme ru.exe Dangerous. Remove.
QuickTV QuickTV.exe Up to You
Quickzip Ls.exe Dangerous. Remove.
QuickZip lu.exe Dangerous. Remove.
QuikShield qkshield.exe Not Necessary
QuikSync QUIKSYNC.EXE Not Necessary
qwe qwe.exe Dangerous. Remove.
QWERTY qwerty.exe Unknown
qwertybot.exe qwertybot.exe Dangerous. Remove.
QWS3270 Sessions sessions.exe Up to You

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