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Startup Programs with 't'

Startup Name Process Name Status
toolbar_eula_launcher EULALauncher.exe Not Necessary
ToP LSASS.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Top Tilecom Dangerous. Remove.
ToPassSrv Pktopass.exe Unknown
topat zlip.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TopDesk TopDesk.exe Up to You
Topic lnternet lnternet32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Topic MSNGR32 Dangerous. Remove.
ToPicks Starter Idhost.exe Dangerous. Remove.
topmoxie JavaRun.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TopSearch TopSearch.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Tor tor.exe Up to You
tor anonymous proxy tor32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Torjan Program [path to trojan] Dangerous. Remove.
Torjan Program smss.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TOSCDSPD toscdspd.exe Not Necessary
Toshiba Fan fan.exe May be Necessary
Toshiba Key State KEYSTATE.EXE Up to You
ToshibaPinger pinger.exe Not Necessary
TOSHIBSU Toshibsu.exe Up to You
TosHKCW TosHKCW.exe Up to You
TosHKCW.exe TosHKCW.exe Up to You
TosMem tosmem.exe May be Necessary
TosRotation TRot.exe Up to You
TotRecSched TotRecSched.exe Up to You
ToUcamVProperty VProperty.exe May be Necessary
Touch Manager WinLED.exe Up to You
TouchED TouchED.exe Up to You
tour regedit ..tour.reg Not Necessary
Tour wincool.exe Not Necessary
tourpath regedit /s [path] tour.reg Not Necessary
TP4EX tp4ex.exe Up to You
tp4mon tp4mon.exe Up to You
tp4serv tp4serv.exe Up to You
TP98UTIL TP98.EXE Not Necessary
Tpam.exe tpam.exe Unknown
tpcupdater updatetc.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TpHotKey TPHKMGR.EXE Up to You
TPKBDLED TpScrLk.exe Up to You
TPKMAPHELPER TpKmapAp.exe Up to You
TpKmapMn TpKmapMn.exe Up to You
tpopservice tpopservice.exe Up to You
TPP Auto Loader Tppaldr.exe Up to You
Tprtray Tprtray.exe Up to You
Tpscrex Tpscrex.exe Up to You
TpScrLk TpScrLk.exe Up to You
TpShocks TpShocks.exe May be Necessary
TPSmain TPSMain.exe Up to You
TPTray TPTray.exe Not Necessary
TPwrMain TPwrMain.EXE May be Necessary
TPwrMgr TPwrMgr.exe Unknown
TPWRTRAY Tpwrtray.exe May be Necessary
tqrecv tqrecv.exe Up to You
Traceless launch.exe Not Necessary
Track4WinMonitor STMonitor.exe Up to You
Tracker Tracker.exe Unknown anti_data_exe_by_trackerx90.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TrackpointSrv daemon.exe Up to You
TrackpointSrv tp4serv.exe Up to You
TrackPointSrv tp4mon.exe Up to You
Tracks Eraser te.exe Up to You
Tracks Eraser Pro te.exe Up to You
tranicon tranicon.exe Up to You
Transparent TransparentW.exe Up to You
Transparent TransparentD.exe Up to You
Transparent TransparentB.exe Up to You
TransparentIcons tranicon.exe Up to You
transtask transtask.exe Up to You
Trashgrd TRASHGRD.EXE Up to You
Tray rundll32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Tray Pilot Lite TrayPlt.exe Up to You
Tray Temperature Weatherbug.exe Not Necessary
Traybar lsass.exe Dangerous. Remove.
traydate.exe TRAYDATE.EXE Up to You
TrayIt! trayit!.exe Up to You
TrayManager Trayman.exe Up to You
Traymin900 Tray900.exe Up to You
Traymon traymon.exe Up to You
TraySantaCruz tbctray.exe Not Necessary
TrayServer TrayServer.exe Not Necessary
TrayX winppr32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
tray_helper tray_helper.exe Not Necessary
Trend Micro Anti-Spyware Tmas.exe Up to You
Trend Micro AntiVirus 2007 tavui.exe May be Necessary
TrendMicro Antivirus Aveagent.exe May be Necessary
TrendMicro OfficeScan NT TMLISTEN.EXE May be Necessary
Trickler [path to file] Dangerous. Remove.
TridTray TridTray.exe Unknown
TridTray TridTray.exe Unknown
Trillian trillian.exe Up to You
trirot trirot.exe May be Necessary
TRIXX TRIXX.exe Up to You
TrojanScanner Trjscan.exe Up to You
TrojanShield Init.exe Up to You
True Internet Color Icon internetcolor.exe Up to You
TrueCrypt TrueCrypt.exe Not Necessary
TrueFonts fonts.hta Dangerous. Remove.
TrueImageMonitor.exe TrueImageMonitor.exe Not Necessary

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