3d printer articles

This $300 3D printer lets kids create their own toys

As you would expect, the New York Toy Fair was a busy event for Mattel. Not only did it show off its updated VR View-Master headset, but it also revealed another product that is a modern reimagining of a classic…

Adidas wants to 3D-print your next running shoe

Athletics apparel specialist Adidas has announced what it’s calling the future of performance footwear. Futurecraft 3D, the company’s first 3D printed shoe, contains a midsole that can be tailored to match the exact contours and pressure points of a person’s…

Monoprice now taking orders for branded 3D printer

A new 3D printer is available for pre-order today from a somewhat unlikely source: Monoprice. The discount cable specialist on Thursday announced the Dual Color Extrusion 3D Printer, the company’s first foray into the world of 3D printing.

Doodle in the air with the Lix 3D printing pen

3D printers like those from MakerBot are revolutionary devices that are already having a tremendous impact in fields such as engineering and among those with a flair for creativity. But is the traditional 3D printer as we know it today…