5g articles

T-Mobile plans to begin national 5G rollout in 2019

T-Mobile has announced that it plans to offer access to its 5G network starting in 2019, with a complete roll out by 2020. While details are scarce at the moment the company did say it will dedicate a part of…

The Messy Path to 5G

It’s the hottest topic in the tech world—certainly at this week’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) trade show in Barcelona, Spain—it is. The next generation of wireless networks—commonly called 5G—is on the lips of most people you speak to, in the…

The network vs. the computer

The history of the technology industry has seen several swings back and forth between dependence on a network that can deliver the output of centralized computing resources, to client devices that do most of the computing work on their own.

Next-gen 5G mobile networks may use spectrum up to 71 GHz

5G networks are still several years off, but the Federal Communications Commission is already gearing up for their deployment by drafting rules that would allow companies to broadcast cellular signals in extremely high frequency spectrums.