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Twitch competitor YouTube Gaming set to launch today

YouTube’s dedicated service for gamers, YouTube Gaming, is finally set to launch later today after it was first announced back in June. The site is looking to steal the crown away from Twitch to become the number one place for…

Amazon's Alexa voice technology now open to third parties

Amazon has announced that their Alexa voice technology, which powers the company's weird Echo voice assistant and cylindrical speaker, is now available to third party developers, allowing them to integrate the technology into their products for free.

Amazon proposes 600ft airspace for drones

Amazon wants to flood the sky with drones. At a NASA conference, the company suggested assigning a 600ft drone airspace for the robots to fly in, with high-speed drones flying between 200ft and 400ft, while slower traffic keeps below. To…

Amazon Prime Now UK opens for business

It's only been six months since Amazon launched their Prime Now service, which offers delivery of many Amazon products in just an hour. While the service is only available in a few places in the US right now, it has…

Amazon expands retail operations to Mexico

Amazon is now selling physical retail goods in Mexico. The expansion adds to the company's existing presence in the country and includes the launch of three Kindle e-readers for Mexican customers.