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Will your hardware startup make money?

We talk to lots of founders who underestimate how hard it is to make money selling consumer hardware, especially on their first production run. If your product costs $30 to produce and you sell it for $99, you make money, right? Not so fast.

PC shipments fall for first time since 2001

We've been hearing about a supposed post-PC era for some time now while tech pundits have continued to bandy about once unfathomable ideas like the death of PCs. And although PC manufacturers have struggled, the real-world results of hundreds of…

73 million tablets sold in 2011, 300 PPI displays to catch on

According to DisplaySearch, an arm of the analytics firm NPD, netbooks will fade away while tablets and laptops shall continue to gain mobile PC market share until 2017. Tablets, in particular, are expected to continue their rapid growth. The firm's analysis of the "mobile PC" market...