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Half-Life mod Black Mesa approved for sale on Steam

Valve, the original creators of Half Life, are finally recognizing a monumental project by allowing the team behind popular mod Black Mesa to sell the title on their Steam platform. If you haven't heard about Black Mesa: Source, then you're definitely…

Highlight Reel: The Best PC Game Mods of 2012

They are, beyond control schemes and visuals, the single best reason to play games on a PC. Mods can, at their laziest, tweak a game so its settings or features behave more to your liking. At their most ambitious, they can transform your entire experience, leaving you with something that feels like an all-new game.

This year was a big one for PC mods, with two - DayZ and Black Mesa - rivalling commercial products for public awareness and, perhaps more importantly, quality. But they weren't the only great mods released this year, here's a shortlist of the best mods released during 2012.

Download of the Week: Black Mesa 1.0

Black Mesa, the long-anticipated fan remake of Half-Life, has officially gone live today after eight years in development. For those hearing about this mod project for the first time, it involves a ground-up rewrite of Half-Life using Valve's Source Engine,…