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Psychonauts 2 passes $3 million crowdfunding goal

Eleven years after the original game was released, Psychonauts 2 has just reached its funding goal on crowdsourcing platform Fig. The campaign passed the $3 million target yesterday, which will fund part of the $10 million to $13.5 million developer…

Double Fine's Broken Age, Act 1 Review

Nostalgia seeps out of every virtual pore of Double Fine's latest game, spearheaded by beloved developer Tim Schafer. The game exists only because of the generosity of thousands of people who, by and large, wanted to recapture the charms of their video game playing youth. So, it's fitting that Broken Age looks like a gorgeously designed animated movie you can play through.

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Double Fine Adventure titled "Broken Age," gets a new site

Double Fine Productions' crowdfunded adventure title officially has a title: "Broken Age." Previously called the "Double Fine Adventure" and known internally as codename "Reds," the point-and-click tale should be ready for you to experience sometime in the second quarter of…