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IOT will drive technology outside of IT

For the last several decades, the locus of technological power and control within businesses has resided in the IT department. IT has bought and managed the technology that people use on their desks, as well as hardware and software that…

Will your hardware startup make money?

We talk to lots of founders who underestimate how hard it is to make money selling consumer hardware, especially on their first production run. If your product costs $30 to produce and you sell it for $99, you make money, right? Not so fast.

IBM reinvents the inbox with enterprise-focused Verse

IBM has entered the enterprise email market with the launch of IBM Verse, a service the company claims gives enterprise customers, small businesses, and individuals a scalable, social collaboration tool that lives on the cloud and is optimized for mobile and web…

Lenovo to reorganize into four business divisions

Just a few days after Lenovo unveiled plans to buy IBM's low-end server business, the Chinese PC maker has announced that it will split its businesses into four divisions: PC, mobile, enterprise, and ecosystem and cloud services. While the first…