Customization articles

Customizing Chrome's New Tab page

5 days, 5 killer tech tips Chrome's New Tab page can be rather handy if you frequently visit the same sites and while Google has baked in some basic customization options for those looking to personalize the new tab page and there's plenty more manipulation to be had if you venture into the world of extensions.

Netflix gets personal with individual user profiles

Netflix on Thursday added a new feature that will permit different users on the same account to have their own profile, complete with personalized recommendations and a link to their Facebook page. The aptly-named “Profiles” feature supports up to five…

Motorola takes customization to the next level with Moto X

It’s been two full years since Google publically announced intentions to purchase Motorola Mobility in a move that CEO Larry Page said would “supercharge the Android ecosystem.” Motorola has launched a handful of smartphones since the summer of 2011 but…