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Dead Space 3 Tested, Benchmarked

The third installment in the Dead Space series was released this month, and considering the game made our list of 2013's most anticipated PC games we thought we would check it out to see how it looked and performed.

Dead Space 3 might be a direct console port but it’s done right, at least as far as I can tell after a few hours of gameplay. The game might not have DirectX 11 features or a high resolution texture pack, but I personally found it to be quite enjoyable.

Weekend game deals: Mafia II, Deus Ex $7.49, Dead Space $2.99

Steam has slashed up to 50% off 2K Games' catalog, with a special daily deal on Mafia and Mafia II (75% off). The weekend-long promotion ends Sunday with extra savings on a new game every day. There's not a whole lot happening elsewhere, though Deus Ex: Human Revolution...

Weekend game deals: 33% off Dead Space 2

You know the drill. It's Friday and digital game dealers want your cash. Steam has reduced its entire C&C catalog by 75%, including last year's Tiberian Twilight. Impulse has cut 50% off Heroes of Might & Magic V, Direct2Drive offers…

Weekend game deals: up to 75% off Dead Space

With Dead Space 2 expected to launch next Tuesday, Steam has reduced the original title by 66% when purchased alone or 75% when preordering the sequel (which happened to make our list of most anticipated games for 2011). Meanwhile, Direct2Drive…

Dead Space 2 launch trailer released

With less than two weeks to go until the launch of Visceral Games' science fiction survival horror sequel, Dead Space 2, a launch trailer has been released. The plasma cutter-wielding protagonist Isaac Clarke is ready to tear apart some new aliens.