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Eidos reveals new engine for future Deus Ex games

Eidos Montreal has unveiled the Dawn Engine, which is specifically designed to create the "Deus Ex Universe" on current generation consoles and PC. Initially, there were concerns that the term universe referred to an MMO but Eidos dismissed these claims…

Ahead Of Its Time: Deus Ex's Eerily Current Narrative, 14 Years On

Leaving aside its wackier conspiracy theories, it's the quality – the prescience – of Deus Ex's story that makes it such a great game to play in 2014. Somehow, it seems timely: moment after moment of sneering, political philosophising about money, health, corporations and the poor, punctuated by regular, 400-volt jolts of "wait, when was this written?"

Highlight Reel: The Best PC Game Mods of 2012

They are, beyond control schemes and visuals, the single best reason to play games on a PC. Mods can, at their laziest, tweak a game so its settings or features behave more to your liking. At their most ambitious, they can transform your entire experience, leaving you with something that feels like an all-new game.

This year was a big one for PC mods, with two - DayZ and Black Mesa - rivalling commercial products for public awareness and, perhaps more importantly, quality. But they weren't the only great mods released this year, here's a shortlist of the best mods released during 2012.

Weekend game deals: 75% off Warhammer, Dragon Age games

If you've been meaning to catch up on any of the Warhammer games, Steam has cut 75% off the entire franchise, including last September's Space Marine as well as a bundle with Dawn of War II and its expansions. You'll also find 75% off both Dragon Age titles, Super Street Fighter IV...

Weekend game deals: Deus Ex: HR $7.49, Hard Reset $6.80

If you've missed the zillion chances to grab Deus Ex on sale, Steam is offering another opportunity with 75% off the entire franchise, including Human Revolution and its downloadable content. Things are relatively quiet elsewhere as GameStop continues to offer 50-75% off Assassin's Creed...

Weekend game deals: Deus Ex: HR $5.99, BioShock combo $7.49

Steam has cut 33% off all Ubisoft titles with a new special deal every day until Sunday (50% off Rayman Origins today). It's worth noting that Ubisoft's catalog includes many franchise bundles, such as Splinter Cell's Elite Echelon Edition, which typically offer additional savings...

Weekend game deals: Mafia II, Deus Ex $7.49, Dead Space $2.99

Steam has slashed up to 50% off 2K Games' catalog, with a special daily deal on Mafia and Mafia II (75% off). The weekend-long promotion ends Sunday with extra savings on a new game every day. There's not a whole lot happening elsewhere, though Deus Ex: Human Revolution...

Weekend game deals: Dungeon Defenders $3, Wolfenstein $5

If you've been hesitant to invest in the latest version of Modern Warfare, Steam removes cash from the equation with a free multiplayer weekend (along with a 33% discount, if you enjoy the ride). Valve's distribution house also cuts 75% off 2009's sequel to Return to Castle Wolfenstein...

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Performance Test

After many years of waiting the third installment of the Deus Ex series has finally arrived, and most important of all, the game appears to be every bit as good as its predecessors.

In other good news, Deus Ex: Human Revolution could very well be a game capable of fully utilizing the power and features of today’s high-end graphics cards. Such games have become increasingly rare and with the exception of just a select few, most of the games we have run performance tests on this year have been shameful console ports that would struggle to max out a tablet PC.