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Tech Fail! Biggest Flops of The Last 10+ Years

There are two surefire ways to have your name immortalized in history: succeed in your stride toward greatness or, as so many tech firms did in 2011, faceplant trying.

Fresh in our memory are failed products like the Blackberry Playbook, the PlayStation Network getting hacked, Microsoft's Kin smartphones, AMD's FX relaunch and Duke Nukem Forever. Those and a few others have served as inspiration for us to look further back and revisit some of the biggest flops of the new millennia, starting with what many consider Microsoft's worst OS ever.

The obscure and grim side of digital distribution

In many cases digital distribution services deserve praise - Steam being the prime example in my book - but it's also true that as content publishing moves to pure digital form, we are slowly getting forced into closed ecosystems, whether it makes sense or not, or when convenience comes at the cost of freedom.

Paradox: DRM is a waste of money, only pleases investors

DRM has been a major point of contention between publishers and gamers in recent years. The former argues that restrictions are needed to prevent piracy, while the latter says that's a load of baloney because DRM-laced software lands on filesharing sites anyway...

Ubisoft apologizes, will remove From Dust's DRM

Color us mildly impressed. Ubisoft has announced that it will completely remove its DRM from the recently launched PC game, "From Dust." The developer apologized for the authentication process in a forum post and said it would release a patch…

Ubisoft scales back 'always on' DRM for some titles

Ubisoft caught some serious flak from the gaming community last year over its controversial DRM scheme, which saw some of its titles requiring constant authentication with the company’s servers in order to play them – even in single player mode.…

HDCP master key leak could help kill DRM

The HDCP master key, which permanently unlocks the DRM protocol on Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, and displays with HDMI inputs, was supposedly leaked by Twitter user IntelGlobalPR (via Engadget). If the key is indeed legitimate, there could be major consequences…

R.U.S.E. drops Ubisoft's DRM for Steam

Ubisoft's always-connected DRM is, to say the least, greatly unpopular in the gaming community, and it seems that disdain has made an impression. The publisher has decided to exclude its DRM from the upcoming real time strategy game R.U.S.E., favoring…