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IBM reinvents the inbox with enterprise-focused Verse

IBM has entered the enterprise email market with the launch of IBM Verse, a service the company claims gives enterprise customers, small businesses, and individuals a scalable, social collaboration tool that lives on the cloud and is optimized for mobile and web…

Facebook may be developing a social network for the workplace

“Facebook at work” isn’t a phrase that most managers, supervisors or business owners like to hear as it’s typically synonymous with a severe lack of productivity. Sure, some workplaces already use Facebook services like Messages and Groups to collaborate but…

Understanding SSDs: Why SSDs hate write amplification

I often tell people that SSDs work better with more free space, so anything that increases free space will keep WA lower. The two key ways to expand free space (thereby decreasing WA) are to 1) increase over provisioning and 2) keep more storage space free (if you have TRIM support).

Samsung begins mass-production of enterprise DDR4 memory

Samsung has begun mass production of the "industry's most advanced" DDR4 memory, destined for the next-generation of enterprise servers and data centers. The company is touting their DRAM as being the highest performing yet, while also reducing power consumption significantly…

Seagate reveals the "world's fastest" enterprise hard drive

Seagate is claiming they've created the "world's fastest hard drive" with their new Enterprise Turbo SSHD, the industry's first enterprise-class solid state hybrid drive. The drive combines a high-RPM hard disk with a SSD-like NAND module, increasing the "mission critical"…

Synology DS2413+ NAS Review: For when you're serious about storage

The DS2413+ is Synology's newest twelve-bay DiskStation NAS for small to medium sized businesses who need loads of storage. Along with supporting up to 48TB worth of drives out of the box, the DS2413+ can be paired with the company's DX1211 expansion enclosure that houses an extra 12 drives, doubling the maximum storage capacity of the base unit to a whopping 96TB.

We should also make a quick note before you get to the end and scoff at the price: the DS2413+ isn't for average home users. It's retailing for $1,700 without drives or the 12-bay expansion. With that in mind, let's see what the DS2413+'s upgrades offer.