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Lian Li D8000 HPTX: Double-sized chassis reviewed

Lian Li's D8000 is also on the purposely huge HPTX form factor. As a point of reference, a standard ATX mid-tower supporting seven expansion slots generally has a 60L capacity while the big Cubitek HPTX-ICE and Lian Li PC-V2120 tout capacities of 79L and 88L.

With a capacity of 145L, the D8000 shatters that paradigm, offering 140% more room than a standard ATX case, which makes sense since the D8000 is essentially two full tower cases fused together.

Asus announces ROG Crosshair IV Extreme motherboard

Asus has officially unveiled its latest ROG-branded (Republic of Gamers) motherboard, the Crosshair IV Extreme. The EATX board features AMD's 890FX+SB850 chipset combo and features a slew of overclocking functions, including the ability to tweak settings remotely over USB from…

Rumor: Intel Core i7 990X Extreme coming next month

Intel's fastest desktop processor on the market, the Core i7 980X, remains unattainable for most people at its current $1,000 price range, but that isn't stopping the company from releasing a quicker successor sometime next month. According to TechPowerUp, the…