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Flipboard acquires rival news aggregator Zite from CNN

News reading platform Flipboard has purchased rival service Zite according to blog posts from both camps. Zite was owned by CNN and as such, content from the 24/7 news network will now appear on Flipboard – redesigned especially for mobile audiences.

Facebook's Paper merges your news feed with curated content

Facebook has released a new standalone news reader app called Paper. The app takes a few design cues from Flipboard, but combines both human and algorithm based curation while adding some sharing features of its own. In a way it’s also a reimagining...

Flipboard launches web version of its popular magazine app

Flipboard is officially coming to the web. After launching in December of 2010, the magazine-formatted application was previously only accessible to mobile users. Although the company still expects the mobile version to garner most of the attention, it doesn’t want…