Foxconn articles

Foxconn prepping two 'Nano PC' fanless barebone systems

Foxconn is preparing to release two barebones-style Nano PCs in the very near future. Customers will have their choice of either an Intel or AMD processor in a form factor that is roughly 40 times smaller than a standard PC tower.

Apple reveals supply chain to curb worker abuse concerns

Although a notoriously secretive company, Apple has taken an extraordinary step toward transparency in order to soothe public concerns over factory conditions and worker abuse. The company has revealed all 156 partners in its Asian supply chain. The move was…

Foxconn now has more than 1 million employees

Foxconn is a factory complex in China responsible for building consumer electronics for a number of companies, including Apple,, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Nintendo, Nokia, Microsoft, Sony, and Sony Ericsson. This morning, the largest contract electronics manufacturer in the world…