Fraud articles

Home Depot exposes thousands of customers online

You may recall that a few years ago hackers gained access to the credit card information of 56 million Home Depot customers. Well, Home Depot has suffered another data breach. However, this time it was not hackers that were to…

AT&T Call Protect aims to sideline robocalls

AT&T is spreading the holiday cheer this season with the delivery of a new network-based service that affords two options to deal with annoying automated calls, commonly referred to as “robocalls.”

Kickstarter Live will help backers identify potential scammers

Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter have enabled hordes of people to secure the funding necessary to live out their dreams and give back to the community through the various products they create (and the jobs created to build funded products).

How Humble Bundle combats fraud

Digital gaming marketplace G2A was at the center of a public dispute last month regarding grey-market game code reselling which for years has been associated with credit card theft and fraudulent chargebacks.