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Is a vanilla version of the HTC One in the pipeline?

HTC is reportedly contemplating the idea of releasing a version of their flagship One smartphone that would ship with a vanilla Android 4.2.2 installation. The current iteration of the One runs the HTC Sense overlay which, according to many, heavily…

Super budget-minded Samsung Galaxy Core specs, price leaked

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone has yet to touch down on US shores but that certainly isn’t enough to stop the perpetual motion machine known as the rumor mill. Following in the footsteps of the Galaxy S 4 is a super…

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review: Still Android's Best?

It's good to be king, especially when Samsung knows that it reached the top position after some early missteps. Now comes the hard part -- staying on top. If the Galaxy S III was Samsung's crowning achievement, the Galaxy S 4 is the first defense of the throne.

Arriving on the heels of one rival's flagship and a few months before the expected unveiling of another's, the Galaxy S 4 will prove whether Samsung is continuing its trend of advancement or becoming just as predictable as the old guard that it mocked. So naturally we must ask: just how good is the Samsung Galaxy S 4?