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Nintendo Wii U 20 months later: It's time to get one

This is our review update for the Wii U, the gaming console with a screen in its controller that we've been telling you since November 2012 is not yet a must-have. Well, it finally is. The Wii U finally has enough good games that it's possible to forget some of them, and the initial gripes we had with the console are overwhelmed by what it does right.

Microsoft is now selling the Xbox One sans Kinect for $399

Microsoft is now selling its Xbox One console without the Kinect motion-sensing accessory for $399, the same price point as Sony’s PlayStation 4. It’s a controversial decision that’ll no doubt have far-reaching implications on console and game sales for some time…

Sony to officially launch PlayStation business in China soon

Following Microsoft's announcement that it'll begin selling the Xbox One in China in September, courtesy of the local government lifting its 13-year ban on console sales, Sony has also confirmed that the company will be officially launching its PlayStation gaming business…