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Origin PC Omega Review: Powerful mini-ITX gaming

The Origin PC Omega is a small, quiet gaming machine that comes in a few different shapes, all of which are based on Silverstone’s great line of mini-ITX SFF cases. Our review unit is built on the slim desktop design of the Silverstone RVZ01, which houses an overclocked Skylake Intel Core i7-6700K and a full-sized Geforce GTX Titan X graphics card.

Origin Chronos Z review: A mean, compact gaming PC

The Origin PC Chronos Z is the meanest small form factor gaming PC I've yet to encounter. Origin PC ships its gaming systems in wooden crates. The Chronos Z came in the smallest crate to date, yet the Titan Z-powered beast within was more powerful than anything that came before it.

The iBuyPower SBX is a $399 Steam machine

Back in 2013 we first heard about iBuyPower's low cost Steam Machine, which was originally expected to launch for $499. Nearly 12 months later the company is finally ready to release it, complete with revised hardware and a lower price.

Valve reveals design of prototype Steam Machine

The launch of the next-generation consoles isn't too far away, and Valve wants to get in on the party, having recently shown off the design of their prototype Steam Machine. The system, which has been developed as a reference design…