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Google+ believed to be closing in on 50 million users

Google+ believed to be closing in on 50 million users

Google+ has attracted over 43 million users since opening the doors to their new social network less than three months ago. co-founder and self-proclaimed Google+ unofficial statistician Paul Allen (no relation to the Microsoft co-founder by the same name)…
Google+ pulls in 20 million users in three weeks

Google+ pulls in 20 million users in three weeks

The social network scene became even more diversified a couple of weeks ago when Google launched their new Google+ service on an invite-only basis. Just three weeks later, digital marketing monitor comScore Inc. estimates that Google+ had more than 20…
Google releases Google+ app for iPhone

Google releases Google+ app for iPhone

Google has released the official Google+ app for the Apple iPhone. You can download it directly from the Apple App Store. Make sure that the version you grab is or later. Google mistakenly released a previous test version which didn't have the stability and fixes that the latest version has.