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Europe launches its long-delayed alternative to GPS

After 17 years, €10 billion in spending and numerous setbacks, Europe's Galileo satellite navigation system finally went live last week. The system — free to users worldwide — will be able to pinpoint an object to within 3.3 feet, compared…

Garmin's new Approach S6 Golf Watch coaches as you play

If you’re looking to improve your golf game but don’t have enough spare cash to burn on a personal instructor, perhaps Garmin’s new Approach S6 Golf Watch might be worth considering. The wearable offers a number of features but its…

Get with the Times: These 9 Devices Might Be a Waste of Your Money

Sometimes it pays to buy slightly older devices in place of tempting deals on newly released tech. But that approach to buying electronics can only take you so far. As today's gadgets become ever more powerful and multi-purpose, there are some product categories that are nearing outright extinction and would make for silly purchases. Before you consider buying any of the items on this list, think long and hard about whether such a device is not a waste of your money.

Google's new Nexus 7 reportedly plagued by GPS issues

A number of people that recently purchased Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet are reporting problems with the unit’s GPS functionality. According to users, the GPS signal works perfectly for anywhere between two and 30 minutes. After that, it gives up…

It's official: Google confirms acquisition of Waze

Following weeks of speculation, Google has now officially confirmed the acquisition of Waze. No financial details were given but previous reports put the figure at $1.3 billion with a requirement to keep the company a separate entity, based in Israel, for at least three years.