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Wintersday returns to Guild Wars 2 and the land of Tyria

Bundle up and find your Holiday spirit, because Christmas Wintersday is coming back to the world of Guild Wars 2. The Asuran Toymaker Tixx is spreading cheer once again by piloting his golem-shaped airship, the Infinirarium, to all the cities…

Guild Wars 2 Review

With a mix of familiar MMORPG tropes and new, modern approaches to delivering them, Guild Wars 2 is an excellent, welcoming take on the genre.

During a full month playing Guild Wars 2, I recorded impressions in a series of logs. The first was where I discovered an insatiable need to explore. In the second, I marveled at how easy it was to get off the beaten path, how unnecessary it seemed to be to form a party, and how generally amiable the community was. Part three was where I discovered crafting, and in log four I hopped into world vs world PvP and fell off rather a lot of cliffs.

Guild Wars 2 players targeted in phishing attacks

Guild Wars 2 is suffering from phishing attacks by hackers believed to be in China who so far have compromised scores of user accounts since the game launched a couple of weeks ago. ArenaNet, the game's developer, insists its servers and web portals remain secure...