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HP Chromebook 11 with Verizon LTE now available for $379

HP's Chromebook 11 with built-in 4G LTE functionality is now available at Best Buy stores for $379. This is $100 more than the WiFi-only model, which is priced at $279. The 4G-capable Chrome OS laptop has an Altair 4G chip,…

HP said to be shopping around webOS mobile patents

HP is reportedly looking to offload some of its mobile patents to the highest payer. Included in the portfolio are patents related to webOS, the mobile operating system they inherited as part of the $1.2 billion acquisition of Palm in 2010.

LG reportedly creating its first Chrome OS devices

LG has created Android devices over the past while, and now it looks as though it may be teaming up with Google for another kind of product. A report from TMWatch points at LG and Google getting together to produce…