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Prison Architect: A Must-See 2013 PC Game

Prison Architect is like 'SimPrison', if there ever was one, made by people who seem to be damn near fearless about making video games about uncomfortable topics. The game is from the indie studio Introversion, who have also made the saddest/best game about nuclear war.

Here's a brief interview with Introversion's own architects about their newest work. They served up some fascinating answers about the possibilities of a game about building and running a prison.

Interview with 'Ravaged' indie developer, 2Dawn Games

Currently in beta, Ravaged is the brainchild of Boris Ustaev and his crew at 2Dawn Games, who have spent the last few years toiling away on a fast-paced post-apocalyptic multiplayer shooter with a strong focus on skills, teamwork, vehicular combat and most importantly, fun. In other words, it's everything the folks at 2Dawn have wanted in a modern PC shooter, but have been unable to find.

We recently had a chance to chat with 2Dawn about its upcoming title, its experience with Kickstarter and what it's like developing a PC game as an independent studio.

Minecraft dev to livestream 60-hour game creation, sales go to charity

Mojang, the folks behind Minecraft, have partnered with the Humble Bundle to stream a 60-hour code-a-thon for charity this weekend. Starting today at 10AM CET, the studio will begin turbo-developing a new game through the weekend. By the end of the session, the resulting product will be sold...

The Pirate Bay launches project to promote artists

Although it's condemned by the media industry for providing access to illegal content, there is a positive side The Pirate Bay. If nothing else, the world's largest torrent site can shine a spotlight on little-known artists, allowing them to rise from obscurity and ascend to stardom...