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Weekend tech reading: Full-sized Lego X-Wing Fighter, Xbox used games won't have a fee, Intel tablets incoming

This is the world’s largest LEGO model at 11-feet tall, 43-feet long, and with a 44-foot wingspan. It's made of over five-million LEGO bricks (5,335,200 to be exact), weighs 45,979.61 pounds (including bricks and steel infrastructure), and took 32 builders 17,336 hours (about four months) to construct. And yes, it has an R2 unit it in it.

Stuxnet resurfaces in Iran, albeit less effective this time around

Iran has been hit with the Stuxnex worm once again according to an Iranian civil defense official. The attacks reportedly occurred at a power plant and other strategic locations like the Culture Ministry information center. This time, however, the country…

Iran bans select industries from using foreign e-mail providers

Over the weekend, Iran's telecommunications minster warned that in-country financial institutions, insurance firms and communications companies will be limited exclusively to .ir domains for hosting and email purposes. For better or worse, the national mandate will prevent applicable organizations from…

News around the web: Iran has dancing humanoid robot

Iran Has a Dancing, Humanoid Robot @ FoxNews StarCraft II 1.03 patch released @ Big Download iPod fire delays rush-hour Tokyo subway train @ iPodnn Hulu Is Said to Plan an IPO of More Than $2 Billion @ BusinessWeek See more articles and reviews. Five…