Java articles

Take on Java's most popular framework with this Spring Bundle

For the uninitiated, Spring is a popular Java framework used for enterprise application development. It's particularly useful for wiring multiple app components together in different combinations, making it tremendously versatile. So, mastering its ins and outs is a smart decision…

A story of Java's improbable return to prominence

General-purpose programming language Java was lauded as the next big thing a decade or so ago. As I can attest to, it was being taught as an entry-level programming course at colleges across the country and billed as the platform…

New zero-day vulnerability in Java being widely exploited (Updated)

Three days after a critical Java vulnarability was widely reported, Oracle has issued an update to shut down the potential exploit and secure browsers using Java. You can update to Java SE 7u11 to secure your PC (or disable Java altogether). The security hole made browsers vulnerable to remote exploits when visiting a malicious website.

Jury finds Google doesn't infringe Oracle patents with Android

A California jury in the Oracle vs. Google trial has concluded after a week of deliberations that Android does not infringe on patents from Oracle. In question were eight counts of infringement that spanned two different patents, RE38,104 and 6,061,520.