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LastPass does more to protect against phishing attacks

Security researcher Sean Cassidy recently discovered a phishing attack against popular password manager LastPass. The incident drew the attention of LastPass which has implemented additional steps to help mitigate the risk.

LastPass now includes recommendations for Heartbleed

This week, security researchers discovered a major bug called Heartbleed that affects almost two-thirds of the Internet, potentially exposing millions of passwords, credit card numbers, and other valuable information. Many popular websites like Yahoo, OkCupid, Github, and more were vulnerable.

SplashData reveals 2011's 25 worst passwords

Reaffirming a smaller study released earlier this year, SplashData has published a list of this year's 25 worst passwords. We've seen countless security breaches this year and in many of those cases, the hackers released the stolen data online. SplashData…