Lawsuit articles

Apple to pay $450 million to settle e-book antitrust suit

Apple has agreed to pay $450 million to settle a civil class-action lawsuit claiming the company conspired with publishers to raise the price of ebooks to consumers. The settlement, which would provide $400 million for consumers, is contingent on the company's appeal…

When leaving a negative review can get you sued

Some companies have threatened lawsuits against people who left bad reviews online. Writing a bad review is a powerful form of catharsis. You spent money on a good or service and had a negative experience, so you do the only thing you can: try to warn others.

ZeniMax and id Software file lawsuit against Oculus VR

ZeniMax publically called out Oculus VR earlier this month with claims that former employee and gaming icon John Carmack stole intellectual property that was ultimately used to help develop the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and help hire away several…

HP will pay $57 million to settle shareholder lawsuit

Back in 2010, HP acquired Palm with the promise that it would invest heavily in webOS and bring it to a broad ecosystem of devices. But a year later, the company did a complete U-turn and decided to scrap the webOS…