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Advance your tech career with the Complete Linux Mastery Bundle

From operating hardware to mobile devices and even planes, Linux can be found just about everywhere, making Linux-savvy administrators a hot commodity. Bringing over 30 hours of training to the table, the Complete Linux Mastery Bundle is a six-course collection…

Freebie: Learning Linux Shell Scripting

Born out of the author's experiences over the years solving day to day problems with Linux. This is a great book to get started and help you handle Linux system admin duties with aplomb. You can get the ebook free of charge with your email address or by connecting via LinkedIn. The offer is good only until March 15.

Bolster your resume with the Linux/UNIX Certification Training Bundle

Linux and UNIX operating systems have become increasingly popular in commercial computing environments, consequently administrators for these platforms are very much in-demand. If you want to capitalize on this, then the Linux/UNIX Certification Training Bundle can get you started.

Watch this YouTuber running Steam on his PS4

Playing PC games on a PlayStation 4 has always seemed like a virtual impossibility, but with Sony and Microsoft switching to x86 architecture for the PS4 and Xbox One, there isn't a huge difference between the new consoles and home…