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Toshiba launches "world's fastest" microSD cards

Toshiba launches "world's fastest" microSD cards

Toshiba is upping the ante in the microSD card department, launching new high-end cards that they're calling the "world's fastest". Using the new UHS-II SD card specification, these microSD cards are designed for 4K video recording, giving cameras too small…
Samsung announces 32GB microSD: 12MBps write, 24MBps read

Samsung announces 32GB microSD: 12MBps write, 24MBps read

Samsung Electronics today announced production of its high-performance micro Secure Digital (microSD) cards with advanced data transfer speeds. The new 20-nanometer-class (meaning the process technology node is somewhere between 20 and 29 nanometers) microSD cards have a class 10 speed…
Kingmax unveils world's first 64GB microSD card

Kingmax unveils world's first 64GB microSD card

Kingmax has implemented its 9 Stacked Die technology to create the world's largest capacity microSD card: 64GB. The microSD card complies with the latest SD3.0 and Class 6 specifications and is also compatible with SD Card Association's SD2.0 specification.