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Weekend tech reading: Asus undercuts MS Surface with VivoTab RT

Weekend tech reading: Asus undercuts MS Surface with VivoTab RT

It remains to be seen how many opponents will show up to each battle, but the Windows RT price wars have begun. Asus is now offering their VivoTab RT tablet -- which launched October 26th alongside Windows 8 -- for $549, down $50 from its initial price tag. The VivoTab RT inherits...

Touring Microsoft, Sony and Apple Stores on Windows 8ís Launch Day

When Microsoft launched Windows 8 last week, it was the culmination of a long wait. For most folks, it was a rather jarring thrust into the future. For better or worse, the operating system that introduces the touch-oriented Metro UI to the Windows environment had arrived.

No one is more excited about the launch than Microsoft. The company has launched pop-up holiday stores at malls across America to promote the new OS and the Surface RT. I had a chance to check in with one at Aventura Mall in Miami, Florida.