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CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Tested, Benchmarked

As you've undoubtedly heard, Modern Warfare 3 launched this week and, well, what can we say? The game has reportedly sold a record 9.3 million copies in a single day.

In terms of graphical fidelity though, Infinity Ward's latest effort is about as visually appealing as its 2009 predecessor. No, I don't stutter. Unfortunately, the company has focused on optimizing the game for consoles while ignoring PC development for the last five years. If you're itching to see how your DirectX 10 or 11 GPU handles a DX9 engine, then maybe MW3 has something to offer you.

PS3 hackers take on Modern Warfare 2

Weve seen mixed reactions over the recent PlayStation 3 root key exploit that has Sony looking for a legal passage against would-be jailbreakers. While some argue that its all about whether users really own the devices they purchase to modify…

Black Ops preorders surpassing Modern Warfare 2

Video game retailer GameStop is reporting that its preorders for Activision and Treyarch's upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops video game are already outpacing the preorders for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. "GameStop is tracking to all-time, record reservations…