Payments articles

Apple Pay has launched in the United Kingdom today

Apple Pay has finally launched in the United Kingdom today, after the company announced at WWDC earlier this year that the mobile, contactless payment service would arrive sometime in July.

Apple Online Store begins accepting PayPal payments

Apple's online stores in the US and the UK have added PayPal as a payment option. Previously, PayPal transactions were only available in the iTunes Music Store, App Store, and iBookstore. As can be seen in the screenshot below, the option…

Apple to restrict NFC chip access in iPhone 6 to Apple Pay

Apple faithful and technology enthusiasts alike wondered when the longtime near field communication (NFC) holdout would finally embrace the budding mobile technology. Everyone got their answer a week ago when it was revealed that the two new iPhones as well…

PayPal freezes VPN provider's account, spooked by BitTorrent

TorGuard, a VPN service provider, was recently given the cold shoulder by PayPal for providing BitTorrent-related services. Upon discovery of TorGuard's relationship with BitTorrent, PayPal abruptly froze the company's account, preventing the virtual network provider from sending or receiving payments…