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Smartphone adoption forecasted to reach 5.6 billion by 2019

Smartphones have exploded in popularity in recent years but if you thought growth had leveled out, you’re dead wrong. According to the latest mobility report from communications technology company Ericsson, smartphone growth is forecasted to continue to balloon through at…

AT&T will continue to unlock customers' smartphones

AT&T has promised to continue to unlock customers’ handsets despite a revision to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that went into effect back in January to ban the process. The issue gained plenty of media attention last month when a…

Smartphone Buying Guide: Best 2012 Phones (So Far)

The smartphone market is heating up once again as Microsoft and Nokia finally have a hero device out to push the Windows Phone platform, and it's priced quite competitively to boot. Also a handful of Android devices announced back in CES and MWC are finally seeing the light of day.

Check out our selection of the hottest devices currently out there (or soon to be released). Each phone is listed alongside its feature highlights, specs and prices, from newest to oldest. To further aid you in making well-informed decisions on your next purchase, we've also included metascores from our Product Finder.