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Quantum Conundrum: A Portal-Like Puzzle Shooter - Reviewed

Let's just get this out of the way: Yes, Quantum Conundrum is a first-person puzzler, just like Portal. Yes, it was designed by Kim Swift, the project lead on Portal. And yes, it shares some of Portal's core traits: there's a physics-altering arm device, a goofy omniscient narrator, and an alarming number of buttons that need to be pushed.

But Quantum Conundrum crawls out from its spiritual predecessor's mighty shadow and stands, triumphant, as a game that's unique, raw, and brilliant in many ways. Finally, Portal has a worthy rival.

Portal is free on Steam until September 20

Portal is free on Steam until September 20

While the cake may be a lie, the fact that Valve is giving away free copies of Portal couldn’t be any more accurate. From now until September 20, Steam users can download and install either the PC or Mac version of the classic puzzle game.

Portal 2 supports cross-platform gaming on PC, PS3

Portal 2 supports cross-platform gaming on PC, PS3

Portal fans were undoubtedly disappointed last June when Valve cancelled Portal 2's E3 media event and delayed the sequel's release until mid-2011. Putting a positive spin on that news, the developer promised to wow gamers with a surprise instead --…

Valve releases Portal 2 co-op teaser trailer

A couple of months ago Valve revealed that its highly-anticipated puzzle shooter Portal 2 would introduce an entire set of levels with their own storyline designed specifically for co-operative action. The new mode puts players in control of two "infinitely…