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Google's Chrome Remote Desktop app arrives for iOS

Close to a year after releasing it on Android, Google has launched its Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS, allowing users of Apple's mobile operating system to remotely control their PC, Mac, or Chromebook using their smartphone or tablet.

Tech Tip: Enable Concurrent Desktop Sessions in Windows

Remote Desktop in server editions of Windows by default supports two concurrent connections to remotely troubleshoot or administer a computer. However, there are a few reasons why concurrent sessions would come in handy for power users not necessarily running a server.

For example, if you have a dedicated Media Center PC running in the living room, you'll be able to remotely access all files on the machine without interrupting the person watching TV. Or if you are sharing a computer with other users, concurrent Remote Desktop sessions will allow more than one person use that system under a different or even the same user account, without kicking each other off.