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Smart home safety evolution: Physical to digital

One of the greatest yet most easily overlooked benefits of modern technology and modern science is the ability it gives us to both literally and metaphorically “see” things that were not visible or understood before. Unfortunately, when it comes to…

Dojo monitors your connected smart home for suspicious activity

Smart home gadgets – thermostats, door locks, light bulbs, power monitors, security cameras, smart TVs and so on – afford a level of convenience (some would say laziness) that more and more people are finding worthwhile. As connected devices, they…

Home gateways: extinction or evolution?

In the early days of “smart homes” or “connected homes” or the “smart living room” or whatever phrase you chose to describe the idea of a living space with more than just a simple internet connection for your PC, there…

littleBits Smart Home Kit Review: Internet of Things for DIYers

Retrofitting an existing home with so-called "Internet of Things" gadgets isn’t cheap, but with the right tools you can hack cloud functionality into your dumb appliances. littleBits is an ever-growing library of small electronic modules that easily connect together. Created by Ayah Bdeir, it started as a tool to help designers incorporate electronics into the prototyping process. Today, it’s much more than that. Think of them as Lego bricks for the iPad generation.