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Samsung Galaxy S8 to feature all-screen design

Rumors surrounding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 keep on rolling. Earlier this week we heard the flagship device device could come in two sizes and feature stereo speakers, with a separate report claiming Samsung will follow in Apple and Motorola’s footstep…

The magic inside your devices

Sometimes, it’s what’s inside that counts more than what we can see on the outside. That’s certainly the case with people, and increasingly, I think, it’s going to be the case with tech devices. …

My Month Without a Smartphone

#ThrowbackThursday You’ve probably seen plenty of "I spent a week without my smartphone" articles based on short social experiments. Two things make this article different from all those others. First, I’ve been without my device for over a month now, not a week. And second, I didn’t choose to go this long without my phone, it was taken from me -- in a way.